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Typical damage includes surface deterioration, chipping and staining. Add to this the fact that the absence of your original teeth, compounded by the presence of the dentures, can cause gradual but cumulative changes in the shape of your mouth.

Mouth bones and gums are subject to different stresses and contact points and some shrinkage and changes in shape are likely, resulting in discomfort and eventually, pain.

Like anything subject to constant movement wear, your dentures will work best and last longest with correct maintenance, preferably yearly to stop any minor issues turning into significant problems.

Meantime, we recommend regular cleaning with a recommended cleaner (not toothpaste or bleach) after every meal, rinsing thoroughly. Soaking them overnight in a denture disinfectant.


Denture relines are the most common alteration. It is literally a relining of the denture. Your gums often shrink and change shape over the years and a "reline" may restore them to a comfortable fit. However, in some cases a denture may need to be replaced.

If you have a painful but temporary condition such as inflamed gums, we may use a soft acrylic material for the relining. The soft material is temporary and can be upgraded to a harder material once the condition has healed.

Our relining procedure is normally completed on the same day so you won’t be without your dentures for long.

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