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All on 4 Dental Implants | Mornington Denture Implants

The best form of dentures to wear are full arch implant retained dentures for both upper and lower jaws. They are often referred to by the trade mark name "All on 4'. All on 4 dentures are fixed to the jaw bone and do not move. The procedure to place implants is simple and is not painful.

The best and most superior form of implant dentures are 'removable' ones.  Benefits include:

  • easily clicks in and out of the implant posts in the mouth
  • can be removed for proper cleaning
  • allows us to build up and reshape typically collapsed facial contours so it improves your appearance

Anyone can wear implant dentures. If you have trouble with a bottom denture, suffer instability or can't wear one at all, you are likely to need an implant retained one. This will be held in place and supported by implants attached to the front of your lower jaw. Unlike a standard lower denture, an implant retained denture does not rely on being attached to your gum. It is designed to be used where your lower jaw no longer has teeth but has enough bone to hold implanted anchors that will, in turn, hold the denture in place. They can also be used in the upper mouth.

We offer a selection of implant retained dentures. They are crafted from acrylic for an attractive, natural look. They clip into place like snap-on buttons and can be removed for daily cleaning.


Special Dentures

Typical of such special needs is when all or most of your teeth need to be extracted. Before you go to your dentist to have this done, we make up a set of 'immediate dentures'.

These temporary dentures are designed to be fitted during your extraction appointment, providing a hygienic covering for the wounds while providing teeth to maintain the normal look of your mouth.

Your immediate denture protects your mouth and helps you keep your confidence in your appearance and speech.

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