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Full Cosmetic Dentures | Karingal Denture Clinic

We take careful note of your appearance and make sure you get the exact look you want without your new teeth having an un-natural 'too perfect' look that you, friends or colleagues might find too surprising.

At Mornington Denture Clinic, you will be able to choose the style of dentures ranging from standard to deluxe. Each level offers more opportunities for customisation and resistance to impact wear and possible long-term discolouring.

You will be able to try various options so you can choose the right characteristics to match and enhance your look. Typically, the new teeth you choose will be set in a wax 'try out' denture which enable you to preview your look and make any changes you require.

Cosmetic Dentures

It’s amazing the role that teeth can play in the appearance of your face. When you lose your teeth, sometimes there can be atrophy (shrinkage) of the bone. This might cause areas of your face to collapse, giving a sunken appearance. The good news is that dentures can be designed to correct this problem, restoring your appearance and facial structure.

Cosmetic or Precision dentures are high quality dentures providing comfort, confidence and optimum function. They have an extremely natural and life-like look, enhancing your facial appearance and smile. They are the highest quality denture teeth available and are wear-resistant and stain resistant.

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